It begins

Last night was the first night of the Wire & Light tour, where I’ll be heading all the way up the east coast with my friend and electronic wizard Ivan Christo.

I’m so incredibly excited. Here are our dates:

7.26 Harrisonburg, VA
7.27 Winston-Salem, NC
7.28 Charlottesville, VA
7.29 Philadelphia, PA
7.30 Baltimore, MD
7.31 Brooklyn, NY
8.1 Manhattan NY
8.3 Harlem, NY
8.5 Newport, RI
8.6 Lancaster, PA
8.7 Richmond, VA
8.8 Arlington, VA

We played The Golden Pony last night. I love playing the Pony, because you get to eat a lot of pizza. I brought my friend Cory from Charlottesville, and immediately sought out all the pizza. It was a cool evening because there were four solo electronic acts playing so we were able to all set up on stage at the same time. 🙂 Mrcsms played first, which was droney ambient entropy and awesome. Ivan played next, and I got to sing Build Me Up Buttercup (and a few songs off his latest, Skin & Bones) for the first time.

I played next and my set went mostly smoothly. I got to use the fog machine, which was great. It turns out that when you’re wrapped in fog, the audience looks a lot less scary.

Lastly was Laser Legs. Or BODY DRAMA. Our friend Seth has this great dancey electro project that Ivan and are super into. image2

It was such a good night. I love that even on a Tuesday in the middle of summer in a college town, there was an enthusiastic crowd.



I decided to drive back to Cville for the evening to spend some last moments with my kittens before hitting the road the next day, and I think Ivan needed some sleep after getting back from tour with Shagwüf literally the day before.

Got back to Charlottesville around 2am and crashed. really. hard.